About us

Our aspiration is to deliver products and provide services that satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers within the framework of the basic principles of quality.

We offer you Quality

Quality in society is reflected in readiness, prompt reaction, accuracy and reliability, which are recognized on the market throughout Europe - that is the quality that can be trusted.

Behind us Multi projects

Thanks to the professional knowledge of our staff, the responsible and professional work of the technology and development department has been in line with the requirements of the international market and well-known customers for years.

QUALITY Equipment

We use special materials, tools of recognized suppliers as well as high-precision machines.

Who are we? ABOUT US

Year of 1999 founded as a craft workshop with the basic few purposes metal processing by scratching, Involute gearing and grinding. As that kind of a workshop it worked 10 years. Until January of 2010 when it stoped working as a craft worhshop and became Zupčanik d.o.o.

    Iso 9001
    Iso 14000
    Iso 18001
O nama

1999. years - Started working

Zupčanik d.o.o is a family company founded in 1999 with the launch of a craft shop by the owner of Mr. Mirza Hajrić.

For the needs of various industries we are engaged in production:
- Machine parts
- Mechanical assemblies
- Production of machines

2010. years - Re-registration of the firm

In 2010, re-registration, and actions in the limited liability company were performed.

In the history of Tešnanj we are the first company to start the process of hot forging metal, whose products were found on the markets of Austria and Mexico.

2016. years - Adoption of standards

In 2016/2017, we have adopted quality standards
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO: 18001: 2007